Anesthesia Machine Repair

To schedule a service call or for more info
Call 817-919-2285 or Email

Repair Service Call: 
        $145.00 for diagnosis of problem and up to 1 hour of repair. Parts, 
                    if needed, are additional.

We have extensive experience working on all brands of veterinary and human anesthesia machines and vaporizers. We specialize in hard to find parts for older machines and adapting/converting existing machines to new uses. Where needed we will manufacture, adapt or repair unavailable parts ourselves or through our relationship with our machine shop partner. Our goal is to keep your existing machines working as long as possible in a safe and efficient manner, not to drive up the repair charge or ask you to purchase a new machine. 

Eventhough we sell new and refurbished equipment, we are first and foremost a repair company. Our goal is to return your existing machine to top condition, not to sell you a new machine. 

Service Area: 
Our onsite service & repair coverage area includes the north 1/2 of Texas (including west Texas), all of Oklahoma, NE Louisiana, eastern 1/2 of Arkansas (including Little Rock), SE Kansas (Wichita and east) and SW Missouri (including Springfield). We cover these areas on a scheduled rotation every 4-6 weeks, except for the Dallas/Fort Worth area where we typically have coverage each week.

Refurbishment/Check out: 
If you have purchased a used machine and need to replace damaged parts and/or confirm the machine works correctly we are happy to help - whether you purchased the machine from us or not.

We also work on central oxygen/nitros piped systems, central waste gas scavanging systems and oxygen/nitros/nitrogen regulators. 

Some of the parts we typically repair or replace:

  • Absorber Gaskets
  • Absorber Cannisters
  • Pop-off Valves
  • Flowmeters
  • Flowmeter Needle Valves & Knobs
  • Regulators (both on the machine and on your large "H" or small "E" tanks).
  • Oxygen Yokes
  • Inhalation/Exhalation dome valve covers, o-rings, gaskets and valves.
  • Tubing
  • Manometers
  • Vaporizer Inlet/Outlet pieces
  • Vaporizer Mounting parts/plates/screws/spacers
  • Replacement bases/posts/casters
  • Quick Flush unit
  • Quick Connects
  • Hoses/Fittings
  • Ceiling/Wall Outlets for piped gas systems