Anesthesia - Annual Safety Check

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Anesthesia Machine & Vaporizer Check:
    $175.00 for one machine (includes all vaps on the machine).
    $  60.00 for each additional machine (includes all vaps) at same location when serviced 
                  on same visit.

  • Never a "trip charge" when service is performed on our regular schedule in your area.

  • Never a "trip charge" in the greater North Texas area.

  • Reasonable charges for out of schedule service calls....we try to find other clinics in your area that need service to reduce or eliminate possible "trip charges". 

Service Area: 
Our onsite service & repair coverage area includes the Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, SE Kansas (Wichita and east) and SW Missouri (including Springfield). We cover these areas on a scheduled rotation every 4-6 weeks, except for the Dallas/Fort Worth area where we typically have coverage each week.

An annual service check (Preventative Maintenance / Bio-med Safety Check) is critical to insure this life providing device is working properly and to insure the safety of clinic personnel from excessive agent exposure from a leaking machine.

AAHA® compliant process and report.

We service all brands of veterinary machines and human machines in veterinary clinics or used in veterinary research. 

We do not service any equipment used on human patients.

We stock most parts for all machines.

The below service is available at any time, but is recommended to be performed annually. It can also be performed at the time of a repair call-out for only the cost difference between the repair service call cost and the annual service call cost.

Standard Annual Service Includes:

  • vaporizer calibration check; confirms the vaporizer delivers the percent agent as indicated on the vaporizer dial setting.

  • leak test of anesthesia machine tubing, fittings, absorber gaskets, absorber canisters, pop-off valves, regulators, hoses & bags.

  • Test of flowmeter, quick flush operation & inhalation/exhalation valve operation. 

  • replacement of all tubing between flowmeter, absorber & vaporizers if needed.

  • replacement of evacuation tubing if needed.

  • general cleaning of inlet/outlet ports, gaskets, moisture and surface grime/hair.

  • written report listing any issues, repairs or adjustments made to machine.

  • written report of actual % agent delivered by your vaporizer at each setting.

  • waiver of initial service call charges for any additional repairs performed at time of annual service (parts additional).

Why Perform Annual Service - Test Vaporizer Accuracy?

  • To ensure the vaporizer is delivering the correct concentration of asnethetic agent as indicated at each % dial setting.

  • AAHA compliance and/or Liability issues - perfoming an annual service program may prevent future liability.

  • Prevent problems before they arise during a procedure - we can spot failing gaskets, inhalation/exhalation valve cover cracks & leaks before they become critical.

  • Health & Safety - leaking vaporizers or machines have the potential to create a health hazard to yourself and your staff