Apalert RM5 Monitor


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Since 1983 over 14000 Apalert Veterinary Respiration Monitors have been sold. Considering the size of the veterinary market, that's quite a lot. Current sales are around 700 per year. Most of these machines are still in use. Battered & bruised, cracked, scratched and bandaged they are still loved for the vital job they do, keeping veterinary patients safe during anesthesia.

The Apalert Respiration Monitor makes care of veterinary patients much easier by signalling each breath, measuring the time between breaths and by alarming if breathing stops, slows or becomes shallower.

Respiratory depression is a prime indicator of anesthetic depth which explains the Apalerts effectiveness.

In essence the Apalert is measuring oxygen supply to the patient, effectively another way of doing what a pulse oximeter does without the fuss, bother and cost.

They breath breath easy!


  • Audible & visual respiratory beep

  • Digital display of time between breaths

  • No-breath alarm adjustment 10-60 secs

  • Hands-free reset (optical)

  • Sensitivity covers kittens to horses

  • Adjustable volume

  • Rechargeable battery (70 hours per charge)

  • Low battery alarm